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 La Casa del Filandón 

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Maragata restored old house to enjoy all the amenities, along with relaxation and silence will experiécia pleasant and memorable.

We are located in a quiet village and care, where they can breathe fresh air and medicated Teleno.

What is filandón?

Filandón is the social gathering to be around the fireplace, after completing agricultural tasks, save the sheep and other animals in the stables. The neighbors, while women "Filaban" (old Castilian) ("spinning") wool sheep and the shepherds told stories of wolves, or sing rhymes, or tell jokes, gossip and oral culture passed from grandparents to parents and children.

This moment was accompanied by marc queimada to be at or "Ferviu" (boiled wine with honey). Guests from other families used to bring something to share as pasta or potato soup, etc..
Composicin del alojamiento  Characteristics:      

The house has 53 accommodation places.
Eleven-bedroom first floor, with access from a bright gallery
Two Rooms on ground floor for access without stairs.

The rooms have a capacity for two, three, four and five, very broad, without beds, all beds and good quality.

Bathroom in all rooms, separate thermostat in every room d the house.

Free WIFI throughout the house.


Dining room for 80 people
This space will have a continental breakfast that will give you the strength to enjoy the day. (With table).
For lunch or dinner you can book your table with something special.
Our menus will give you the desired satisfaction from the letter, some plates are:
· Cod filandón
· Trout filandón
· Eggs Carriers
· Cooked Maragato
· Etc.

We also have the famous sausage of the area as the "Cecina de León", fresh beef, squid, trout, cod, etc..
All washed down with wines suitable for all times.
The homemade desserts are to enjoy the taste of homemade liqueurs.

Special menus:
Prepare menus tailored to nacesidades of the guest, with a variety of dishes and lots of love.
We have added between our plates a varied mycological with dishes such as:

* Mushrooms with seafood sauce and almonds.
* Timbale of mushrooms in warm salad.
* Beef with wild mushrooms Maragata.


Patio garden with garden furniture to enjoy the fresh air of Teleno.


We have the Teleno room, designed for meetings and training. It is an ideal place for diving courses with pleasant surroundings. The space is versatile adapting to the need of the hour. It has toilets themselves.

In total the property has 1,150 square meters to give the best service to our customers.
Acctividades del alojamiento  Activities:      
From our accommodation we provide information for the realization of these routes on their own, as there are numerous possibilities in car and on foot. This way you will choose the one that best suits you and the ideal time to enjoy it.

If you want to hire the escort service to monitor the routes and activities, it must be requested in advance and we will provide contact with a specialized company.

If you have events for your company, whether training or leisure activity, even abroad, "Outdoor Training", we have a specialized department with a long experience in these matters "filandón Activities."

We organize the event to the letter you need and fits their abilities and desired goals.
Entorno del alojamiento  Sites of interest:      
-The Maragatería with their people (Quintanilla de Somoza, Castrillo Polvazares, etc.) and museums (Batan, Community, etc.).
-Astorga and its Roman ruins, cathedral, Gaudi Palace, etc..
-The gold mines of Filiel.
-The Médulas (Bierzo).
-Ponferrada and environment (Castillo Templars, ..)
-Wineries in Bierzo and wine tastings organized.
-León capital and its monuments (Cathedral, San Isidoro, San Marcos).
-The Valley of Silence in Peñalba of Santiago.
-Rio Duerna 1 km from our house.
-Sanabria (the lake, Puebla de Sanabria, etc).
-Jamuz and pottery (jugs, etc).
Como llegar al alojamiento  Like arriving:      
At km 326 of the A-6, take the detour direction of San Lorenzo Val will Valdespino village, Lagunas, Luyego and Somoza Qintanilla reach where we are.

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  Tarifas del alojamiento.

    Precio de habitación en regimen de sólo alojamiento    

  Entrada / Salida   H. doble H. Triple H. Cuadruple H. Quintuple
T.Baja 59.00 79.00 99.00 119.00
T.Alta 69.00 89.00 109.00 129.00


 Tarifas de servicios

    Suplementos por los siguientes servicios    

  Entrada / Salida   Desayuno básico D.Continental D. Continental niños
T.Baja 2.00 5.00 3.00
T.Alta 2.00 5.00 3.00


Observaciones alojamientos  Observaciones:       

En los precios está incluido el 8% de IVA.

Nuestro desayuno básico contiene: (café, infusión o cacao + bollería)

Nuestro desayuno continental europeo contiene: Café, leche, yogurt, cacao o infusión, zumo de naranja, tostadas de pan de hogaza, mantequillas, mermeladas, aceite de oliva virgen y bollería variada.

C O N T A C T O.

    La Casa del Filandón  



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